Sunday, June 5, 2016

Toni & Guy Classic Shine Serum

Couple months back I purchased this hair serum from Toni and Guy and it has really changed the appearance and the quality of my hair prior using this product, since last year I haven't really changed my hair routine however I think this product has replaced my must have hair oil which is the (OGX-Renewing Argan Oil Morocco). I was really interested in this product as Hong Kong drugstores usually never carry toni&guy and you would have to go to the actual salon to purchase their products, so once I saw it in my local drugstore i knew I had to go and pick up one of their products. 
This leaves my hair nice and shiny and soft basically everything you would ask for right, however one con that I have experienced with this product, I am not sure whether you can see this in the image is the oil leakage, I dropped it once (small drop) and since then it has never stopped leaking. I feel really sad that it kind of in a way broke but the product is still amazing and I will continue to repurchase this product. 
Thank you for reading! kaseyx.

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