Monday, June 27, 2016

Thayer Witch Hazel

Nowadays I suffer from uneven skin tones as well as acne scars, and I was wondering what was I doing differently in comparison to before. After many months of testing and trying new skincare products that I used to use in the past I finally came back to this product.
This product itself is very refreshing, lightweight, and not irritating to the skin which tends to be the main problem with my oily/combination skin. I usually apply this toner with a cotton pad (LEEDs Beauty Puff) and apply generously all over then following up with a gel cream. The pack itself comes in a fancy packaging and Im glad that they save the amount of materials used in this product from using the double side sticker on one side you have the name of the product and the other has the list of ingredients contained.
The product contains 355ml of product with a retail price of 75HKD, I think this product is definitely worth the money not only it is a better alternative from chemically made toners, but it also lasts a really long time with a bottle like this I ended up using this product for 11 months interchanging toners (in the mornings i use simple's kind to skin soothing toner- on that I've been using for over 2 years now, and at night I use this toner!)
Thank you for reading! kaseyx.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Toni & Guy Classic Shine Serum

Couple months back I purchased this hair serum from Toni and Guy and it has really changed the appearance and the quality of my hair prior using this product, since last year I haven't really changed my hair routine however I think this product has replaced my must have hair oil which is the (OGX-Renewing Argan Oil Morocco). I was really interested in this product as Hong Kong drugstores usually never carry toni&guy and you would have to go to the actual salon to purchase their products, so once I saw it in my local drugstore i knew I had to go and pick up one of their products. 
This leaves my hair nice and shiny and soft basically everything you would ask for right, however one con that I have experienced with this product, I am not sure whether you can see this in the image is the oil leakage, I dropped it once (small drop) and since then it has never stopped leaking. I feel really sad that it kind of in a way broke but the product is still amazing and I will continue to repurchase this product. 
Thank you for reading! kaseyx.