Saturday, January 23, 2016


Following the new years resolution of 2016, I have to admit I haven't been really successful of being healthy. I think this is mainly because I don't have the time to spend 20-30 minutes creating the perfect acai bowl, or smoothie that contains multiple ingredients. However I still like to have a healthy snack whenever I get home from school, I like to use ingredients that are from my house and do not like to spend outrageous amounts of money on fancy ingredients that everyone seems to have nowadays
The smoothie contains a total of 4 Ingredients (this includes the toppings) 
- Apples
-Frozen Strawberries
 - A Various Mix of seeds 
- Acai Powder

For the base of the Acai bowl. I blended a cup of frozen strawberries with one big apple (diced pieces) together then added a one table spoon of acai powder to give me nutrients for the day as well as thickening out the texture of the  smoothie so its more of something that you can chew and eat than a liquidly texture of a smoothie. 

The toppings for the acai bowl is definitely the best part of making these acai bowls, because decorating is so much fun and you can organise it in a way to be presentable for your instagram game. The way that I placed mine is placing the various mixture of seeds down the middle of the Acai bowl then adding more sliced apples around the seeds. 

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  1. I never had Acai bowl before, but it sure looks delicious.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. This looks great! I've never had an acai bowl but I love my smoothie bowls. I think I have to order some acai powder! Have a great day and goog luck with your new year's resolution, xx Sjoukje from

  3. That looks so yummy!!!


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