Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion +

What I heard about this product (clinique moisturizing lotion) is very famous on the youtube platform, and have heard endless amount of reviews and raving of beauty bloggers saying how much they like this product and how they cannot live without it. From the clinique website, I found out that this product does an amazing job of clearing skin, and helps make a difference in peoples skin (expecially with people with acne-prone skin). 

This product comes in a little pumped up container, to prevent any bacteria collection inside of the container. I must say you have to be very careful with this packaging as one pump of this lotion can really pump out way too much product, from a fellow oily skin person a little goes a LONG way, just half a pump of this product is enough to distribute all over your face and neck. 

I was also told that this lotion was very similar to my beloved simples lotion, since you cant get this lotion here in Hong Kong, I immediently purchased this to see whether it lives up to my expectations. This is more of an expensive version of the cheap drugstore alternative. 

I had to justify this product based on the price, the original prices of this product is about $600-700HKD, however there was a sale on the whole clinique products in SASA, therefore I only got this 500ml product for about $250HKD
The product itself is very liquidy and I would really reccommend this product for people who wants their skin to be intensly moisturized, I think for this particular one I would not reccommend for people with oily skin especially in the summer time this would make you look like a grease ball, however I think this lotion would be very useful for a light-weight winter lotion. I think for the oily skin people out there (aka, me) I think the product that would be best for you guys would be an oil-free gel lotion.

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Friday, October 2, 2015

24hrs in Hong Kong

Today's Blogpost I will be talking about some events that you can participate in and some local businesses in the area when you are in Hong Kong within the month of November. For this blogpost I was inspired by Eventbrite who helps me to find events locally.  Eventbrite also allows you to create, promote, and manage all your events all in one place! If you want to organize and create local events around your town, feel free to check out Eventbrites website to create your own event here!

Cafe Life 
(Cute Breakfast Cafe) 
Cafe Life just serve fresh coffee, juice, pastries etc. I personally love their coffee's there its so artsy and yum its very fresh and perfect for the winter months to come. The store's vibe itself makes you relaxed and makes you forget everything stressful in your life currently."Before revitalisation, PMQ was built in 1951 as the Police Married Quarters. In November 2010, the HKSAR Government announced the plan to preserve the site for creative industries uses. The operating right was awarded to PMQ Management Co, Ltd, a non-profit-making social enterprise set up by the Musketeers Education and Culture Charitable Foundation Ltd., in collaboration with the Hong Kong Design Centre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Hong Kong Design Institute of the Vocational Training Council." PMQ 2015
Opening Times: 11:00am-8pm
Located in PMQ, Shueng Wan 

Western Market 
(A compilation of unique and different items)
Selling some traditional items that you may not be able to buy in other parts of HK, apart from antique streets and more local markets that are far from the urban city of Hong Kong. l personally love to buy fabrics here as I have a passion of creating and designing clothes! "Western Market consisted originally of two separate blocks. The South Block at Queen's Road Central was built in 1858 and demolished in 1980. The remaining North Block, smaller and more compact in design, was built in 1906. It is in Edwardian style highlighted with "bandaged" brickwork on the four corner towers. When the former Urban Council's market facilities came into operation in 1989, the market building later converted into a traditional trades, arts and crafts centre" GOVHK 2015
Opening times 10:00am-12pm
Located in Shueng Wan 

Kisses Cupcakes 
(Dessert Cafe)
Selling unique and yummy cupcakes, the store is unique as they really come up with different flavours that you cannot get in normal bakeries. My personal favourite is the red velvet cupcake, I actually purchased my very first red velvet from this store and it was the best cupcake I have ever had! "Kisses Cupcakes produces the finest cupcakes by using the best ingredients. While crafting a blend of lightness and moisture in the cake, we also succeed in creating butter cream toppings with an unparalleled richness in flavour. Taste aside, we have embarked on a continuous journey in search of new flavours, seeking to differentiate our final product via an original touch. Our quest for the perfect cupcake is part of our greater quest to infuse a kaleidoscope of "flavours of happiness" in your lives." KISSES 2015
Located in Shueng Wan *However there are multiple stores located around Hong Kong as well*

(Local-Music Carnival/Festival)
This carnival/festival occurs every year, artists come from all around the world and play at this festival where people can come with friends and have a really good time!  This year I am lucky enough to go to this festival with my old and new friends, and I can't wait for this day! There are going to be a lot of memories made!At its sprightly core, Clockenflap is all about people - at their individual and collective, shared best. It is about music at it's most inspirational. Art at its most accessible. It's about discovery, about community. About laughter, camaraderie and unashamed nonsense. It's about the independent spirit, celebrating creativity and paying it forward. It's about shoes off on the grass and time machines." CLOCKENFLAP 2015
Starting from $500HKD
Opening Times: 11:00am-10:30pm
Located in West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade

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