Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lush's Herbalism

Todays blogpost is about this lush product that I recently purchased, this is actually the second time I have used this product. The first time didnt really go that well, August 2014, I recieved a sample of this in my mail and decided to try it out. Over the span of 2 weeks a cyst popped up, maybe because I used it 2 times a day for 2 weeks but I thought it was weird because they advised me to use it day and night every day. After I experienced this cyst, I immediently threw the rest of the sample away (there was actually maybe 2 more uses out of it). 

That December I found out that I had combination skin, I always thought I just oily skin and always used foam cleansers to clean the skin and using harsh chemicals like alcohol toner and harsh scrubs just made my skin even worse. Since then I have changed into a more natural skincare routine, check out my blog post that I did couple months back about my skincare routine (right here)
Now that I think back to that time, that cyst went away faster than any other one that I have had. So a week ago, I decided to give herbalism another try! And here are my thoughts and opinions on this product.
The only time that I use this cleanser is when I am in the shower usually on the weekend when I exfoliate and shave my legs. I cant say that I can see a difference in my skin apart from seeing tiny little bumps on my surface of my skin, however I do think that I have to give it time to see a difference, as some people say that this product allows pimples to be raised up and prevent new ones from forming. Another factor that I'm not that annoyed at but to some people they find the smell disgusting, I honestly think it smells like grass and nature, I dont really mind it but it is sometimes very refreshing to relax in. 

Overall I dont think this product is a miracle worker for acne-prone skin, but I think it does take time to notice a difference some peoples experience lead to (evening of skintone, removing excess oil, clearing small bumps, etc.), i'm only in my second week using it once a week as an exfoliant to prevent clusters of acne or even worse a cyst. 

ps- 5 days till my birthday!!! (27th September)
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  1. I have quite sensitive skin and sometimes some exfoliators can be so harsh that i only use them one a week! It's such a shame because Lush is so natural that it still has this effect. Ro's Argan Body Conditioner is great and very nice on sensitive skin! xx


    1. I am just trying to use up this product, I dont actually see that much cystic acne spots coming up as much as before, maybe because I am only using this product once a week so it acts more like an exfoliator :)

  2. I also love herbalism- I agree at times it feels like it isn't doing anything (it def cleans well though) but when a face cleanser or any other skincare product tingles your skin it means that its irritating your skin. I love grease lighting as a spot treatment.


    1. yea I've only been using this product maybe once a week to exfoliate, however my face cleanser that I use right now is basically a micellar water!
      I also love grease lighting, however I only use it to keep my other acne products from running off my face if you get what I mean


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