Friday, August 21, 2015

Summer Beauty Favorites

Todays blogpost is about my current beauty favorites that I would like to share with you guys, as summer is rapidly coming to an end its time to reflect on my most used summer beauty items this summer. Below shows an image of what products I will be mentioning in this blogpost! lets get started :)

The first product that I have been loving is aloe vera gel, not that many people know this but I have to say that I cannot live without this product. Maybe its the fact that I do notice a change in my skin and the taming of my eyebrows. According to my research and my experience aloe vera actually makes your eyebrows grow out stronger and thicker, so this is a really helpful tip for people who overpluck their eyebrows (pshh. me) 

The maybelline nudes palette is a beautiful palette that contains 12 eyeshadows that are very natural looking, perfect for every day use. After using it for a couple of weeks I found a look that I really like wearing out using this palette!, comment below if you want to see my everyday eye makeup look :)

I have actually been using this simples lotion for a long time, almost 1 and a half years now. This is my holy grail lotion, as it is not heavy or too light for the skin. A bonus to this product is that it doesnt break out your skin (at least for mine it hasnt and I have combination skin). Since my face is oily and dry and easily irratated, I rely on this product to balance my skin pH levels.

I purchased this oil in the beginning of summer when I was in the UK doing a summer camp, since I didnt bring a hair oil to this summer camp my hair was crazy (it was frizzy, puffy and dry, maybe because of the weather and the hard water that they have). Anyways this really helped add moisture back into my hair, and another positive thing about this product is that it comes in an spray form so you dont have to apply to your hands and have greasy hands for the rest of the day!!!

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  1. Anonymous9/02/2015

    What a great post! I would really like to see a natural eye makeup look! I love your blog as well :D


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