Friday, August 14, 2015

Haul [School Edition]

School is back...
Today I am sharing the IB supplies that I have purchased couple weeks ago in preperation for the IB programme, I understand that some people don't like these kind of posts however this is a lifestyle blog, and the IB is now an important factor of my life therefore I need to share this into my blog!

So the first note books that I purchased are from cotton on, I really like purchasing my notebooks from cotton on because not only are they cheap but they are also really fat with empty lined pages for me to write in. The downfall of this is, without proper care the rings of the ring-notebooks can easilybend and start to break away the pages. To protect this over the two years, I will be inserting these books in my binders shown lower in the blogpost!
(Subjects using these textbooks from Left to Right: English | Buisness | Technology | Geography)
The second notebooks that I purchased is from a local stationary shop, this is from the company Gambol, I have been using them for years and they are very durable and long-lasting, however they are a bit pricy for how much pages you actually get.
(Subjects using these textbooks from Left to Right: Mandarin | Math Study Book)

I repurposed my brothers old ring binders that survived after the IB, since I have 6 subjects I have 5 ring binders that can be used for all subjects. For subjects that require more paper work and more handouts given out, I have a clear pocket binder to hold loose paper that may need to be referred back to frequently.

This is my math Notebook, this notebook is also from a local stationary shop, however this comes from a brand called Papyrus, this is a square notebook to do math in (duh.) I usually go through 2 a year, so im guessing 4 math notebooks during ib?

A book that isnt shown in here is my mandarin book, as I currently cant find one I think I may need to purchase one at the schools stationary shop, I can actually use the one from my old school, but it has my old schools name written BIG.

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  1. Hehe, love the 'It's not rocket science'-notebook! X

    1. Me too!, I actually the exact same one last year for science. I thought it fit really well with the science subject, however I am not taking science in the IB diploma!x


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