Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Boujour Bronzer+Highlighter

From my recent trip to the UK, I picked up a ton load of makeup that I want to play with in the next couple of weeks. After staying in boots for a total of 45 Minutes I settled for a bronzer from the company "Boujour", I wanted to try out this 2 in one product where it contains a bronzer and a highlighter. Even though in Hong Kong you can also get this UK company, however you cannot get this specific type of product that is very well known in the blogging and youtube community.

This product contains 16G of product, the price I paid for this was about 4 pounds as I got 3 products (2 Bronzer+Highlighter, and one Bronzer) for 12 pounds (Buy 3 for 2), overall I think this was a steal because according to boots this product sells for 7 pounds each.
The overall packaging of this product is very cute,  the product opens up like a little booklet, and on first glance it reminded me of a chocolate bar. As you can see half of the palette is a highlighter and the other side is a bronzer. I actually really like the packaging as this prevents the product from shattering as it is not a acrylic packaged product, on my flight back to Hong Kong.

The pigmentation of this product is quite pigmented as you can see in the photo, I was actually really suprised from this and have now understanded the hype of this product. Both of these products are very buttery and easy to blend in with your makeup or bare skin, and when settled look very natural and does not accentuate the pores on your face.

To apply the bronzer part of the palette, I like to use an angled blush brush, then making the fishy face I apply this product in circular and short brush strokes into the hollows of my cheeks. I think this makes my face much more defined and make it not look 2D and more 3D in photos, I think this is very important part of makeup as you are contantly creating memories through photographs and this is what I do to feel confidient when I go out. 

To apply the highlighter, I really like using my fingers to apply the highlighter as it looks more natural glow on the cheekbones, in comparison to using a brush that applies it in the area and not on the high points of the face if that makes sense. I dont use the highlighter that much as I have naturally oily skin, and using a highlighter actually accentuates my oily skin.

Overall I think this (bronzing) product is definelty a go √ product, as well as the highlighter if you dont have oily skin like me, as this can accentuate the oilyness of your face, however the bronzer applies more shape and dimension that adds that summer glow!

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  1. Wow, cute thing! Thanks for sharing it. Would be useful some summer coloring! Have a lovely day,

    The Flash Window | Bloglovin

  2. Great review! I also have this product but it doesn't show up very well on my skin :-(


  3. I have this and I love it! Great review x


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