Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summertime Smoothie

Hello Everybody!
Today I will be continuing my Snack series. I will be sharing a recipe that is perfect for summer days as this is a total refreshment for those summer heat waves, I know if you live where I am its actually hot even if there is no heat wave. This is for those people who really like using frozen fruit from supermarkets, and if you dont use frozen fruit all you have to do is put your fruit into the freezer before you make this recipe!

So the ingredients that you will need for this recipe is some berries (I used blueberries and cherries, but feel free to use whatever you have at home), an optional fruit is a banana to add some texture to the juice, in comparison to the averge liquidy juices that you can get from the supermarket. Another optional item is to add some ice to make it an instant refresher drink that is perfect for chilling by the pool on an hot sunny day!
I put some cherries and blueberries together, I remember to take all the pips out of the cherries as you dont want to be drinking the juice and come accross some pips from the cherries. I actually really like the taste of these fruits blended together as it gives a slight taste of drinking strawberries, and its weird but I really do like it as it is different from the classics (apple juice, watermelon juice, green juice, etc.) 
For the optional items that you can add to the drink, I would reccommend to break the banana in pieces for it to be easily blended in the drink and would not leave clumps that can make the drink not as smooth when puring and drinking out of an cup. As for the ice, I would reccomend adding it last to have that slushy texture in comparison to the beginning as it could melt by the time you finish making this drink.

Are you guys ready for summer? 
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  1. Thanks for this recipe. It sounds lovely! X

    1. thank you! hope you try this out! :)

  2. I will need to try this recipe - it sounds delicious! I love that most recipes can be made with random things in the fridge/freezer! I made a mixed berry, ice cream and milk smoothie the other day and it was amazing! All with things I had in my kitchen :D Great post!!

    John ¦ Shout John

    1. Thank you!, it's always good to use up all the fruits and vegetables in your fridge just to prevent the fruits from going bad over the days! :)

  3. Sounds really nommy!!! I'll definitely try this out sometime! Great post gurl! xx


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