Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Haul [Prom Edition]

Hi Everybody!
Today I bring you another haul, I am actually posting this couple weeks later after I purchased these items since I wanted other blog posts to be up before I posted this. I've been spending a lot of money these past few weeks, but it wasnt for the sake of buying something it was because I needed it. I think overall when you are shopping before you purchase, you have to make sure that you would use it, why you want to buy it, and whether it is something you can't live without.

I picked up a new nail polish for the summer season rapidly approaching, I picked up this nail polish from sinful colors in Easy Going (300), the packaging of this product really reminds me of china glaze products as the shape and brush applier are very similar to one another. This nail polish is in an light baby pink shade, and is very unique to everything that I own as the polishes that I own are usually much more darker and don't really suit my skin tone that much.

I picked up an new lotion recently as I ran out of the simples daily moisturizer and they do not sell it where I live, I decided to go for the Pond's Perfect color complex, this is an product that is very similar to simples however with all the extra benefits of healing scars and imperfections on the face. I havent been using this product for that long, however I have seen some improvements of how much time it takes for my acne scars to heal.

Recently I picked up a new lipstick, this is my very first lipstick and this is in a creme form as it is opaque and not drying on the lips. This product is "Love that Pink" from Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick line, this shade is different from anything I own because A) I only wear lip glosses as it is much more light weight B) because all my lipglosses are either very natural or very dark that is more suited for the fall time. The original thought of using this product was for prom, but after wearing it to prom I started to wear it more and more often and it soon became a staple in my makeup routine as it draws everyones attention to my lips and not my bare face.

I picked up a new eyebrow brush to be used for my eyeliner, as I misplaced my eyeliner brush and since prom was couple weeks ago I had to pick a new one just for the event to enlarge the size of my eyes. I really like to use Gel liner, Liquid Eyeliner is also another alternative if you prefer having it portable to take it out and apply. However I feel like it always dries up quickly as I use it every other day (basically meaning that gel eyeliners can last longer if you use eyeliner on a daily basis.)

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  1. Great haul! I love Sinful colors nail polish they are great! x

    1. I recently tested out this product and realised it was not as pigmented as I thought it would be, maybe it was the shade of colour that I picked up, but apart from this It was very longlasting!c

  2. I love Revlon lipsticks and that shade is gorgeous! Will definitely be giving it a swatch if I see it in the shop!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. it is perfect for everyday use, I always get complements fromthis, you should definitely sqatch it and see if you like it!x

  3. that lipstick looks gorgeous! x


  4. Great haul!! Love that polish and shade of lipstick :)

  5. That lipstick shade is absolutely stunning! xx

    Jessica // LipsAndTrips

  6. Just came across your blog and i'm in love! Mind checking mine out, and maybe follow?

    -Michelle xx

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