Friday, June 26, 2015

Revlon Powder Foundation

Hello Everybody!
I purchased this Revlon photo ready powder foundation for prom couple weeks ago, and must I say I was very happy with what this one product changed my life. One of the reasons why I purchased this foundation was because of the big mirror and sleek packaging which made it very easy to be brought to different places, as well as having many positive reviews about powder foundation and how it is one of the best products to be used on acne-prone skin.

After spending more than 20minutes at the drugstore figuring out what shade was I, I settled with the shade [140-Natural Ochre]. Even though this product seems too light for my skintone, once it settles in the skin the powder does end up matching the color of my face. I must say that this product should be used over an CC Cream or an concealer as it may not have enough pigments to cover up blemishes, howevver this product has fairly good coverage as it is very densly packed and can cover minor pigmentation that can be used on a good skin day. 

I paid about 120HKD for a product contains 0.32 Oz/9g, that also contains SPF 20/PA+++ which is perfect for the summertime as it is very lightweight, coverage appropriate and has sunscreen to protect you from the sun's harmful UV rays. 
In the beginning, when applied I did not really like the texture of the product as it looked really cakey and since I would be dancing all night and may need to re-powder I was not getting any chances of having an uneven skintone. However after appying it and letting it set for a good minute and a half I saw that my skin looked flawless and looked like my natural skin. I even had complements when I wore this foundation from my friends as she said "wow, your skin looks perfect and flawless". This was very re-assuring for using this product for prom, and I highly reccommend this product to you guys.

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  1. Very good review! I had a powder that was like that once, I got it in a glossybox. And when you first put it on it was like WHOA powder, but after it sat it was fine. Weird how that works.

    1. I really want to find out and see how powder foundations work on the skin, its so interesting!

  2. This sounds really great. I've never tried a powder foundation before but this one sounds like its worth a go x

    1. Yes!, you should definitely give this powder foundation a try!

  3. Great post! I've never used a powder foundation but it seems like a really interesting product!

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out here: :) x

  4. I've never even heard of this foundation before ! I'd love to give it a try. xx

    Jessica // LipsAndTrips


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