Monday, May 25, 2015

Breakfast Yoghurt Bowl

Hello Everybody!
Today I will be continuing my Snack series. Waking up on an sunday morning, then eating breakfast at about 11pm with the family it's actually really hard to find something that makes you full for like a couple hours before you have to leave the house for lunch. Without making my asian parents think im going on a diet or trying to starve myself, I have been making this breakfast snack for the past couple weeks.

The only two ingredients that you need for this is yogurt and pieces of fruit. You can actually use any yogurt flavors, however I used low fat blueberry yogurt as I really like the taste of fruit and blended chunks, kinda gives more of an texture instead of just eating pieces of fruit at a time. I incorperated blueberries and banana's as I really like a range of fruit to choose from, you can actually add any fruit that you like or prefer. 
So basically what I did to create this instagram worthy snack that I would like to share to my friends and readers of my blog, I basically assorted my fruit based on what I think look best. Again, you don't have to make this snack like perfect just to your liking, but because I wanted to blog about my snack for this weeks post I had to make sure that it looks appealing just for you guys!x
SO this is my overall completion of my snack on an sunday morning! its very simple and very fast to whip up on an sunday morning! I hope you guys enjoy this post, let me know if you guys try it out!

so what's your fav snack currently? 
tell me in the comments section below!
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Permanent straightened hair

Hi Everybody!
I straightened my hair on 9/05/15, to find out a little background of my hair and the products that I used to tame my hair previously, this can be viewed here. I basically created this blog post to share with you guys the process of me adapting and sharing my experiences to having straight hair and having no longer frizzy and curly hair during the first week having it straightened. I will be documenting my experiences based on the different activities and events that happen on that day, and having different updates throughout the week :) 

So this is what my hair looked previously before, I actually have been dealing with frizzy and curly hair ever since I cut it during Y8. My mother actually has something really similar to my hair, however her's is only one section, I think that what made my hair get this frizzy and curly is cutting my own hair in the past. In Y8, I cut my hair to my ears once and I think since then it just started getting more and more curly, however in Y9 when I made the mistake of cutting bangs (I'm not saying that everyone shouldnt get bangs, but from my experiences I did not suit bangs at all) I also permanetly straightened my bangs back then and since then I did not straighten my hair at all. It wasnt the straightening that caused this, since it was the hair that was curling up and after a long time I found that the cause was from hair clips as I REALLY didnt like my hair and regretted it. Well we learn from the mistakes that we make from the past

The process of getting your hair straightened is something that I actually dread, as they first apply a product that opens the cuticle and also acts as an relaxer, they leave this product in under a heated machine for about 45 minutes. Then they go ahead and rinse it out and blowdry it, after this they began straightening my whole entire head, I have to say this process was really long as I couldnt be working on my school work whilst they were doing this as when they were sectioning parts off the hair was in my face. The final step of making my hair straight permanently is applying a sealage that closes the cuticle, this sat in my hair for approximently 30minutes then rinsed out. After the salon, I rinsed my hair using lukewarm water as my hair got a bit drenched by the rain and it smelt like chemicals in my hair.

Overall, I am very happy with the results of how my hair have turned out, even though the process was super long and dreadful, I think it really helped tame my hair and the frizzyness of my hair. I actually didnt know I was gonna get my hair straightened until the morning of the appointment, I am such an indecisive person and thought about maybe I dont need it or sometimes I would be yes I should straighten as its untamable. This really annoyed my mom, so on the day that she wanted to get her hair done I asked if I could tag along to fix my hair, and this was the best decision I have ever made. I wasnt too fuss after getting it done, as I had my undivided attention to my humanities report that was due on monday, where I spent the past week working on the same section (fyi, I was not procrastinating as the part that I was on was very difficult.

Its been a day since I got my hair straightened, and my hair is really flat (I'm not complaining about this as I prefer this in comparison to what I had before). Currently to add volume to my hair I am using a dry shampoo to lift up my roots. I also checked up with my stylist and he siad I can use products in my hair, however just not any more chemicals that can harm the results of the hair, this means (bleach) and any hair lightening products that can damage your hair even more.

Today is monday, and I have to tie up my hair ughhh. I have decided not to use hair clips anymore, as the last time I did this it created a bump in my hair. Since 2 weeks ago, I have decided to keep healthy again and started to walk home (I actually really don't like walking home as I have to deal with stairs and especially because it is the rainy season in Hong Kong there are puddles everywhere). When I came home since I just did excerise and like produced *sweat*, I washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner today, my bangs had a slight wave in it whilst it was wet, however when it was fully dried and when brushed out the wave was no longer there.

Today I put my hair in a braid for the first time ever with my new straight hair, and it didnt look as bad as I thought it would be, since straight hair usually prevents any texture when put in hairstyles and usually looks really flat with all the layers coming out of the braid. When I took my braid out after school it only took a couple minutes for it to fall back to its flat state. I think my hair is definitely not as flat and like dead straight as it was before, but I do prefer having slight waves and volume as without it, it does not look flattering with my face shape.

I saw that my hair was beginning to look frizzy at my bangs again and realised that it was from putting my hair in a bun that includes my bangs. In the beginning I got so annoyed, however I added some taming products to tame frizzy hair and it got rid of the curlyness and went back to its straight self. I am actually really happy of what it looks like now in comparison to what it looked like couple days ago as my hair is now much more volumized, and does not smell like chemicals anymore.

What is you hair type?
tell me in the comments section below!
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Monday, May 4, 2015

Hair care routine

Hey Everybody! 
Today I am sharing my hair care routine and how I keep my hair nice and healthy, idk how to advertise my hair to be honest. In comparison to other people who have uber long healthy hair, I am stuck at the awkward length as my hair however this is not gonna stop me from blogging about my current hair care routine and what keeps my hair from forming split ends and causing loss of hair length. 

A little background on my hair, I used to have really puffy hair back in Y7, like it was absolutely crazy, so that following year was the very first time I permanently straighten my hair. This lasted about a year and I had to straighten my hair again, and since 2012 I have not chemically straightened my hair. Since I wanted bangs in Y8, I actually decided to slowly cut my bangs, and it started to become frizzy and curly, so I would suggest any younger people reading this that ITS A REALLY BAD MISTAKE, and I totally regret it, but I mean I learnt from my mistakes.
The shampoo and conditioner that I use is both from pantene, this is from their straight & smooth range of hair products. I have tried out many other companies for example; dove, herbal essences, tresemme, etc. however I have always come back to using this particular shampoo and conditioner. I think this does a really good job to keep my hair frizz free and preventing split ends. 
The only hairbrush that I use is from tangle teezer, since I lost my "wetbrush" couple months back due to the amazing canoe polo swimming unit at school, I have been using this to prevent damage in my hair in the morning from all of the knots created overnight.  
Oiling your hair is an important step in my hair care routine as I think it gives a little boost to jumpstart the overall moisture in your hair. I don't recommend you to apply this when you finished washing your hair because this slows down the drying process, and this also increases the rate of your hair getting oily again. I like to apply this at the ends of my hair, because that is where it feels most dry. I also apply this to my bangs/front pieces of my hair, because without enough moisture in my hair these parts can become very frizzy and prone to breakage.
I wash my hair every other day in the past I washed my hair every single day and since december 2014 I am slowly extending the amount of days not washing my hair. I think since then, I do see a difference in the appearance of my hair, as well as the overall texture as it is much more softer and less frizzy.  

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