Thursday, August 31, 2017

My Summer Video

Hey Everybody!
Look at me doing another post, two posts in one day omg you've posted more today than in the past year. Okay jokes aside, I made a little video over summer about my summer here in Hong Kong. Initially it was supposed to be about my final summer before I moved overseas, however things do change and I decided to stay here in Hong Kong for University. I actually attended an orientation camp so far and from what I have experienced from it (I must say I throughly enjoyed it) maybe it was my mindset that I had when I joined which was no expectations. Therefore, if certain things did not happen I would not be so disappointed or left feeling empty. 

I know one thing for sure is that I won't make the same mistakes that I did when I moved schools for my final 2 years of high school. (Let me know whether you guys want a blog post about it- it is a really touchy subject but I believe where I am standing now I have a really good emotional mindset to write and express my feelings about it)

Anyways, hope everyone enjoys this little video that I made for my friends and I about our memorable summer. Please don't judge my poor editing skills and just enjoy the music and little clips that I recorded over the past 2 months.
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What I am doing?

Hey Everyone!
Is there anyone out there that remembers me; sorry for my lack of posting in the past year there has been a lot of changes in my life. And, if you just stumbled across my blog Hi! I'm Kasey. I know that isn't an excuse but things like graduating high school- emphasis on passing the IB diploma, overcoming extreme sadness (I remember just discussing the topic last year would leave me in tears, but now that I think about it because I pushed myself to believe that I had to just adjust-I now believe that the decision that I made was the best decision ever), and busy living the best and memorable senior year.

With the future of my blog, I don't actually know what to do with it, if ill be honest as I don't actually know what the future holds in general (I'm just one confused 17 year old that has no idea what to do in her life) I know that this seems like a random post about my thoughts and ideas. But, I really like this outlet to express what I'm thinking as I can take time to think about what is really going through my mind and express it without (hopefully) without judgements. 

I believe that this blog will still be here no matter what happens in the future, so might as well keep posting right haha. Then again, who knows maybe ill be different in a year (well I mean thats inevitable) but I am going to try my best and document my journey onto this blog as I take on a new challenge which is university!! Hope you guys stick around with this new chapter of my life :)

Thank you for reading! kaseyx.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Summer Portrait Photography

Taken on the Nikon D5300

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Hi Everybody, long time no blog post I know I promised to post more frequently throughout the past year however not succeeded, I think the lack of motivation to be creative and provide inspiration on my blog has taken awhile to come back to me. 

With so much on my mind with university applications, what i want to study in university, personal statements, school assessments I really don't know what I am doing or what I am working towards. I think for awhile I really started to put things off just because I was too lazy to do things and not doing things because it wasnt normal within my school environment. After long long long months of just doing what is expected of me and still not succeeding the expectations of my parents I just come to realise that I'm lost, lost in terms of now knowing what i am doing or what i am doing in the future.

I really don't know what this post is for, I am currently in work experience working at this Hong Kong Company that does printing for example: calendars, cards, red packets, notebooks, etc. I think over my time here I brought back the creative side of me. The other day on pinterest (more like a 3 days ago) I discovered film photography now Ive seen my friends in my old school get back into film photography and that inspired me to dig out my old camera to investigate how this works, discovering print shops in Hong Kong, buying film and everything to do with film this just interest me. Now I've been told that i shouldn't be spending money on this passion just yet because i don't know whether i would like this. However Ive been keeping this as a secret in a way since I have such a big interest in film how it works and capturing images. I know it is pricey in the long term in comparison to a DSLR and you may forget the photos you take 36 shots ago but I think thats the beauty of film photography just recalling memories and being in the moment instead of the 1000 photos you will never look back on you DSLR. Not to say I wouldn't use my DSLR anymore but I will capture memories and moments I want to last forever using my film camera, because each photo tells a story and they way you capture the image knowing you have 36 shots only you would choose to take certain photos wisely.

I feel like as I am typing this blog post up it is really just me talking about film haha. I just think this is just a point in my life where I know for sure I want to look into this passion of mine. If anyone else is lost right now or under the stress, try doing the one thing that makes you happy. What I learnt this past 6 months is that no matter how much your passions differ from one another, I think it should be looked at deeper because you never know what you may find.

Thank you for reading! kaseyx.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Nars Orgasm Blush

Recently I did a big splurge in the Nars makeup store in Hong Kong, my experience with many companies products always ended up breaking out my skin maybe from the ingredients that were in it (LOVE MY SENSITIVE SKIN) I used a range of companies blushes like Loreal, Rimmel, Maybelline, Seventeen, etc. I ended up trying out my friends Nars Orgasm blusher and was surprised that I didn't break out after that, so I decided to splurge and purchase this holy grail blusher.

The cult beauty, must have product has been known to be the most universally flattered colour in the makeup industry and the most recent limited edition collection presents a bigger size of the well loved Nars Orgasm blusher, the only difference with this product to the original is the amount of product and the packaging where it has the Orgasm written on top of Nars and the #whatmakesmeblush written in white letters on the mirror.

Mars always have their makeup products spot on, it incorporates pigmentation and buttery products so its easy to spread all over your face preventing that patchy and blotchy look. I think especially with the orgasm blush you really just need a light hand as you can go overboard with the blusher and then look like a sparkling disco ball with apple red cheeks, but if you do like that look you do you! makeup has no rules, and thats why I think I've fallen in love with it more over the past year or two, when dusted on the cheeks it just adds that tint of life back into your face and adds a highlight on top of your cheek bones to really represent that glowy appearance in your skin.
Thank you for reading! kaseyx.

Loccitane Body Salt Scrub

I have been using Loccitane products for over many years since I was small, I think with their products especially its a treat that can feel very satisfying as it makes you feel brand new in your skin. The product that I will be talking about today is the Sels Exfoliants Pour Le Corp Body Salt Scrub. The main reason why I picked up this product in the first place is that I realised I started to have some ingrown hairs under my thigh from shaving and its really not that pretty to look at especially after it becomes infected and turn bright red, so I thought and exfoliant would really do the trick.

The product itself is as the name calls it sea salt it has large piece of salt that will really target those flakey area of skin and scrub the dead skin cells off your body, this is also paired with the moisturising oil that penetrates into your skin leaving it prepped and ready for either shaving or your scented body lotion. I don't really use this product that often maybe every couple of weeks when I want to pamper my skin or that one day when your can't bear with the hairiness of your legs 
Thank you for reading! kaseyx.